‘Tis the Season …. to See Ghosts @PrincetonTour

2016-09-13_14-07-24Princeton is haunted and the Princeton Tour Company will let you use their ghost hunting equipment to prove it!  Experienced ghost hunters will walk you through battlegrounds, neighborhoods and squares where unexplained apparitions or paranormal activity have been reported.   All ghost tours provide access to EMF Meters, Therma-meters, Dowsing Rods and Night Vision flashlights. . Don’t wait, people are just dying to join in! (Yes, we love saying that!)

Af the end of the ghost hunt, history buffs take over and escort the group inside one of America’s oldest cemeteries – where a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, a United States President, Vice President, Nobel Prize winners and famous inventors have chosen to rest. This cemetery is owned and operated by Nassau Presbyterian Church.

Public tours start in the Fall at 116 Nassau Street inside the Princeton University U-Store.  Customers are entitled 10% discount off purchases at the U-Store the same day of the tour along with many valuable discounts in downtown Princeton!

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